OPEN STUDIO Workshop Florence 2016

At the Open Studio people with dementia, family members and carers can work freely, individually, with the goal of expressing themselves artistically and according to their personal needs. In the exemplary workshop we used clay to start a joint artistic process as a starting point for communication. Working on artistic skills or interests can be very useful when people with dementia have problems expressing themselves with language. Collective observation of the resulting works of art creates peer communication. It is important that this process is guided by individual perceptions. No judgment, neither good or bad nor right or wrong. The different perceptions of the work are enriching regardless of who is involved in the discussion. In the perception of creative potential, the individuality of the person with dementia can be transformed and less conditioned by the deficit.

Presentation of the workshop led by Lehmbruck Museum as part of the Joint Staff Learning Event held in Florence, March 23, 2016

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