Museums Art & Alzheimer's is a project supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. MA&A aims to facilitate the access of people with dementia, their family and professional carers, to art and museums, by comparing European and non-European experiences.

The goal is to bridge the world of museums and art and the social and health sector: with this integrated perspective, museum activities can help create a dementia-friendly society.

Through online resources for training of museum educators and geriatric professionals, in-person training events, exchange of experiences, sharing of reflections, guidelines and training materials, MA&A offers a significant contribution to the dissemination of quality museum projects accessible to people with dementia and their carers.

Two main products, available in the Resources section, were developed during the project: a Training Course for museum educators and geriatric activity coordinators who want to create or implement museum programmes for people with dementia and their carers; and a manual (toolkit) on how to communicate with people with dementia through the arts, dedicated to family and professional carers.

These materials integrate with training and dissemination events organized by the partners, whose videos are partly available on the site in the Events section. Such experiences, as well as programmes with people with dementia and their carers delivered in the museums involved in the project, were fundamental to the participatory definition of content. The outputs are firmly based in the idea of education as shared knowledge building; on the creation of a non-hierarchical learning environment (whether real or virtual) in which each person, including individuals living with dementia, contribute to the development of skills and abilities.

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