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Euridea Srl is a private vocational training and adult education agency. It provides training courses and educational activities aimed at employed, unemployed and/or disadvantaged people, specializing in the fields of culture, social services and tourism. Educational activities are provided both in classroom and through the Internet. Euridea has also long experience in the field of socioeconomic research.

Euridea has a long experience in providing courses aimed at carers for old people:

  • at local level, Euridea implements courses aimed at the initial training of educators for old people, i.e. social workers who organize educational and recreational activities for old people in nursing homes or daily centers, with the aim of improving their quality of life and regaining and/or preserving their self-sufficiency as long as possible; Euridea also provides courses for "Assistenti di base" or caregivers, i. e. workers providing to old and disabled people basic care and help in daily matters such us get dressed, eat, move, etc.;
  • at transnational level, Euridea cooperated in Adapt projects and Leonardo Pilot projects in the subject of management of care for old people in cooperation with partners from Germany, Spain and Sweden. The Leonardo pilot project Mosaic (Management of Social Care in a Changing Society) was about topics such as: quality of life and quality of work, team work management, quality management in the care to old people.

Official website: www.euridea.com

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