Logo Marini

The Marino Marini Museum in Florence, Italy, is the project leader. The museum is dedicated to Marino Marini, one of the main protagonists of the twentieth century Italian art. The museum is set in the ancient church of San Pancrazio which also includes a jewel of Renaissance art as the Rucellai Chapel by Leon Battista Alberti, and proposes an intense exhibition activity dedicated to modern and contemporary art. The museum spaces, bright, welcoming and never too crowded, offer multiple points for viewing the works and encourage an informal approach.

Museo Marino Marini

The Education Department has built its identity around a welcoming, informal, involving idea of the museum, and developed programmes designed for every kind of viewing public, from children to the elderly and fragile. In 2012 the Education Department started Art in Your Hands, the programme for people living with Alzheimer’s and their carers, grew from the desire to open up the museum, make it accessible to everyone, including people with dementia.

Official website: www.museomarinomarini.it

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