MA&A International Conference 2016

Museums, Art & Alzheimer’s
Making Art Accessible to People with Alzheimer’s
and their Carers and Families
International Conference
March 22, 2016
Florence, Auditorium di Sant’Apollonia
and Museo Marino Marini

The MA&A International Conference 2016 is one of the dissemination events of the European project MA&A.

The conference was an opportunity for stimulating a dialogue both on the methods of relational approach, and on policies of social support to people with dementia, comparing our experiences and those of our European partners.

The intention was that of lying a foundation for a bridge between the world of museums and art and the social and health sector: as it is with this integrated perspective that the museum activities can help create a dementia-friendly society.

In parallel, the Conference offered a profound reflection on the role of the museum itself as no longer a place only devoted to conservation and research, but rather an inclusive square, where people meet art, and the institution is able to assume significant responsibilities towards the community.

In this page video recordings of the speeches are presented. Language is Italian or English.


Patrizia Asproni, President of Museo Marino Marini, Firenze - Institutional greetings

Elena Pianea, Regione Toscana - Introduction to the Conference

Cristina Bucci, Museo Marini, Florence - MA&A: an European Project to Make Art Accessible to People with Dementia

Sybille Kastner, Michael Ganß, Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg (Germania) - From the Pioneer Work to the Research Project

Bairbre-Ann Harkin, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny (Irlanda) - Azure: A Collaborative Approach

Ieva Petkutė, Simona Karpavičiūtė, NGO “Socialiniai meno projektai”, Vilnius (Lituania) - Participatory Arts as a Catalyst for Transformative Change

Chiara Lachi, Museo Marini, Firenze - The Value of Networking: the Museums’ Experience in Tuscany

Luca Carli Ballola, Michela Mei, Museo Marini, Firenze - Art in Your Hands, a Project in the Local Services Network

Barbara Trambusti, Responsabile Politiche per l’integrazione socio-sanitaria, Regione Toscana - Introduction to the Session

Marco Trabucchi, Presidente Associazione Italiana di Psicogeriatria, Brescia - Art and Clinical in Dementias: an Important Bridge

Manlio Matera, Presidente, AIMA Firenze (Associazione Italiana Malattia di Alzheimer) - The Role of AIMA in the Services Network

Avril Easton, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Dublino (Irlanda) - The Role of Family/Dementia Advocacy Organisations in Ireland

Gintarė Černikienė, ZISPB, Siauliai (Lituania) - Good Practice Examples Related to Art for People Living with Dementia and their Carers: Lithuania Case

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