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NGO “Socialiniai meno projektai“ is a cultural organisation established in 2013.

We have established and deliver Arts for Health practice and research across Lithuania, aimed at promoting the well-being of various societal groups by making the arts more accessible.

Our activities include: arts projects (plays, exhibitions, performances, and creative experiments), creative arts (participatory) workshop programmes, training and arts for health research and publishing.

Cross-sectorial and multi-disciplinary partnerships play an essential part in our work. We collaborate with professional artists, culture, health and social care professionals, vulnerable groups, people with special needs, scientists and a variety of creative people in Lithuania and elsewhere.

Through our practice we aspire to defend the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community and enjoy the arts.

More about “Socialiniai meno projektai”: www.menasgerovei.lt, Facebook: Socialiniai meno projektai

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