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Well known throughout Europe for its outstanding collection of modern international sculpture, this museum offers an unusual combination of exceptional architecture placed in a sculpture park, as well as sculpture sited within the urban environs. Commencing with the life work of Wilhelm Lehmbruck and his contemporaries, the world of art encounters sculpture from all over the world in an exhibition space of 5000 square meters. Paintings, works on paper and the new media complement the sculptural collection. The goal of all museum activities is to convey a vivid impression of the quality, development and range of modern sculpture to visitors from all walks of life. We understand the museum as a place of communication between people and art, where pleasure and education, joy and new experiences are combined.

Lehmbruck Panorama
Lehmbruck Wing, Photo: Dejan Saric

Since 3 decades the education department has developed programs for all kinds of visitors in order to meet their different needs. Apart from programs for groups, families and school classes, programs have also been developed for people with special needs, such as the hearing-impaired, the visually impaired, or in 2007 for people with dementia. The Lehmbruck Museum is thus one of the world's first museums to meet the special needs of this target group.

The education department also curates own exhibitions with special formats, which highlight particular aspects of art reception. Actual artistic and social discussions always provide new impetus in the educational practice.

Official website:www.lehmbruckmuseum.de/

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