City Museums and Alzheimer’s

Strategies to build an inclusive community
International Conference
May 25, 2017
Florence, Cinema La Compagnia and Museo Marino Marini

City Museums and Alzheimer’s is the multiplier event organised by the Marino Marini Museum of Florence, focused on the role that museums and art can have on creating dementia friendly communities.

In line with the goals of the MA&A project, the central theme is the training of educators and the policies aimed at the creation of an integrated network of cultural and social services that can contribute to people well-being.

If we want museum activities dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s to be widespread, we need to ensure quality through coordination and training. At the same time, we must consider that museum projects only make sense if they are located in a broader and more comprehensive perspective.

In the morning, in a plenary session at Cinema La Compagnia, the theme of training will be presented through the European project, Museums Art and Alzheimer’s, with its implications in the Tuscan territory, through an interesting comparison of international experiences. Policies aimed at facilitating the cultural and social inclusion and well-being of people living with dementia will be addressed through a panel moderated by journalist Michele Farina, and it will be open to questions and public interventions.

In the afternoon, at the Marino Marini Museum, training workshops will be held on the facilitation strategies and experiences of encounter with art.

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Patrizia Asproni

Barbara Trambusti

Laura Nava

Cecilia Grappone

Cristina Bucci

Chiara Lachi, Michela Mei

Adriane Boag

Round table

Workshop at Marino Marini Museum

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